Website Content

A robust and appealing SEO company description for your website, social media, adverts and directory listings.

SEO and sales-conversion copywriting for clean and engaging homepage content.

SEO and sales-conversion copywriting for category web pages. For example, your website’s About, Services and Subscribe pages. 

Talk about your business’s new products and services with concise and sleek copy that suits the tone of your brand and advertising campaign. 

Professional, concise and compelling copy for products and services. 

This SEO content helps increase organic traffic and sales to specific products or services on your website.

Reduce shopping cart abandon rates caused by confusion, mistrust or too many steps. 

Get clear, helpful and friendly copy to guide your customers through the ordering process with ease and clarity.

Get the full SEO website starter package which includes tailored copy for the following pages:

  • Landing Page (Homepage)
  • About
  • ‘Why Us’
  • Services
  • Booking Page/Shopping Cart Sequence (If applicable)
  • Contact 

Drive more visitors to your promo page with inviting sales and discount adverts.

Present your discounts, special offers or single-sale campaigns with appealing copy presented on its own web page. 

Boost sales on a super-specific product or service with a “micro” website containing 2-5 pages.

A short-copy “squeeze” page designed to get you sales leads. 

Without sales leads, you can’t generate customers. The lead-gen page offers your website visitors the chance to subscribe or sign up to something. For example, newsletters or first purchase discounts.

An interesting topic-specific blog post can bring followers to your shop or business’s social media and website. This is an effective method of selling your products and services.

Proven to be effective

Data shows that having quality online content means your website visitors are not likely to be another “15 second” statistic. That is to say, they will stay on your website longer than the average internet browser or online shopper.

In short, they will devote their attention to your content and what it is you’re trying to promote. Read more about that here.

Commonly asked questions with clear and concise answers. 

FAQs pages can be another great sales tool and can also be search engine optimised (SEO) to promote organic traffic to your website.

E-Commerce, Product Descriptions/Listings

Make a real difference to your product ranking and sales conversion rates on Amazon with full product listings. 

These listings are specifically written for Amazon SEO algorithms and rules by a specialist Amazon copywriter. 

This service includes copy written for Amazon’s EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) which is said to increase your conversion rates, according to Amazon themselves. 

Effective and informative SEO product listings and descriptions to increase your conversion rates.

Concise and helpful guides explaining how a product, service, subscription or site works.

Commonly asked questions about your product with clear and concisely written answers. 

A well written FAQs page can prevent negative reviews by having your customers be better informed on the product. 

FAQs pages are also great for SEO and can be used as a sales tool to eradicate any confusion or setbacks that customers may have about your product.

Social Media

An inviting social-media set-up with effective ‘About’ content. 

Find your brand voice and use it to extend your web presence and appeal to potential customers.

Consistently grow your brand’s social media and build your followers with posting and monitoring 1-2 hours per day for up to 5 days per week.

A pre-programmed “bot” that is installed on your business’s Facebook page.

To explain, artificial intelligence is used as a selling tool. For instance, it acts like a virtual salesman or customer service adviser. 

Through Messenger, the bot answers questions by potential customers and can also direct them to your website or contact details.

Other Copywriting Services

Receive a list of keywords, specific to your business, to boost your social media footprint, reach your target customers and improve your SEO performance.

 You can use these keywords in your social media posts, website and in any other online publications. 

Appeal to the media with a striking press release that drives attention to your campaign and increases web traffic.

To maintain a professional image, it’s essential that all of your written content such as letters, emails and online publications, are free of grammatical errors, typos and sloppy sentences. 

Therefore, it pays to have your important content proof-read by someone with a trained eye for imperfections before publishing.

Make sure to have your book sub-edited by a professional who can fix unseen grammatical errors and typos before it’s too late.

Invite book lovers to buy your book with expressive, honest and eloquently put reviews.

This service is perfect for online book shops and review sites. For example, Amazon or Goodreads.

Stand out in your industry and be remembered by employers. A professionally written CV or Cover Letter can convey your most valuable and relevant qualities in a tactful manner.

This is a great service if you are:

  • A professional who needs a job or industry specific CV.
  • From a non-English speaking country and need a CV that is in English.
  • Someone who just wants a well-written and professional document to represent you.

Reach out to your customers and grow sales with appealing emails.

Make the most of your leads with special campaigns and irresistible promos.

Problem-Solution-Outcome stories featuring your products or services. As a result, case studies help garner interest and sell to your target customers.

Generate strong “real world” credibility for your products and services.

Testimonials are written by a copywriter for maximum impact. To clarify, they are still by genuine customers who endorse your products or services.

Get the most full and useful feedback from customers thanks to well-worded questions.

If the particular service that you’re looking for is not listed, please contact me to see how I can accommodate your marketing needs.